Fully integrated project-managed property refurbishment and development for exclusive homes in London and surrounding areas.

Exceptional work achieved by a team of time-served experienced professionals. Every stage of the works carefully planned to guarantee appropriate materials and workforce allocation. Expert management of each project from start to finish with an organized execution that ensures the job is completed on time and on budget.

Our client relationships are our winning formula.

An initial meeting at either our offices or onsite is important to develop a complete understanding of your project that the management team and workforce respects and understands completely.

We will need to arrange a site survey, design specification. planning and measurements.

Our first site inspection will allow us to put together a draft summary, following this, a detailed inspection of each of the external and internal elements of a property, as far as they are accessible. Once the inspection is completed a comprehensive written quotation is provided to you so that you are as fully informed as possible before committing to any project.

We always achieve a cost-effective solution for the client. We do not estimate. Our quotations are a detailed breakdown of all works and material specifications, together with a draft summary outlining any issues or points of consideration.

We product-source for our clients and have partnered with many manufacturers and suppliers in all aspects of interior design.

Our accomplished ability to understand, define and transform our clients’ aspirations and objectives creates an exclusive and personally tailored package without exception.

An impressive collective knowledge of current market trends, together with many years of experience ensures each project is approached with a fresh and inventive eye. Once the final design is agreed we will then work with our internal team and trusted contractors to deliver the project on time and on budget.

For any requirements please contact Mr Paul Moss: 07526 695 633Edit